Welcome to Summer Italian Style

After a challenging and mostly stressful year, we arrived much too tired to our home away from home in Italy.

A room with a view

A room with a view

The house has not changed and we welcomed the serenity it offers. After a couple hours of restorative sleep, our first thought was of food. Laura, a neighbor, has a wonderful restaurant a block away, Locanda Appenino, so off we headed.

While the low 60s drive most Italians indoors, Mike and I asked if the patio was open and were guided outdoors for a view of the Tiber River, flower blossoms, and the smell of jasmine. Anticipating our first meal of pasta, the menu for the night included roasted chicken and potatoes. I have learned it is best to go with the specials AND chicken (pollo) is rarely on the menu. It was simply divine.

Fog on the distant mountains

Fog on the distant mountains

The next morning, we awoke early and walked along the river until it wound back into town ending up at a local bar for breakfast. Not a huge meal in Italy, we were pacified with freshly squeezed orange juice, a breakfast sandwich of prosciutto and omelet, ending with a chocolate filled croissant.

A walk along the Tiber

A walk along the Tiber

We are settling into to our summer routine – reading, writing, and sleeping, with a few errands for good measure. Our next-door neighbors welcomed us back and we stopped and chatted with an English artist we befriended who went native many years ago. He caught us up on all we missed throughout the last year.

Umbertide doesn’t have the children, grandkids, or pets. There is no television or movies. Internet has to be rationed. Despite this it offers a much simpler way of life, one that starts off feeling strange but rejuvenates and helps to live productively thought the rest of the year.





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9 Responses to Welcome to Summer Italian Style

  1. w adams says:

    Sounds very relaxing. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Debbie Schaffer says:

    Can’t wait to read more about your summer adventures!

  3. Beverly Hanley says:

    I so enjoyed this-looking forward to more!! We are heading over for 2 months in Sept-need to share in La Dolce Vita!!!

  4. Jennifer Sturgill says:

    I didn’t know ya’ll had a house there too. How wonderful! Sounds like you were there last summer. Love reading about it & the pictures. Enjoy!

  5. Judi Sinks says:

    Delightful! Makes me yearn for another trip to Italy. Looking forward to your next post

  6. Anita Smith says:

    Looking forward to reading about your summer.

  7. Judy Morgan says:

    I am glad you are back to your lovely house in Italy! Relax, recharge, and enjoy! I look forward to more posts!!

  8. Pat Donahue says:

    This all sounds so wonderful. Looking forward to following all your adventures. What a wonderful way to rest, rejuvenate and yes recharge! The hardest thing is speeding back up again!!

  9. Barbara Kane says:

    Ann and I really enjoyed our visit to Umbertide. We walked and read every day and ate out a lot. Enjoy. Perhaps another visit next year is in order next year as my passport does not being idle for too long!

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