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Coping in Copenhagen

View from the front of our hotel in Copenhagen

We chose to enter Denmark by ferry. Unless you do this regularly the ticket is rather pricey. It costs around a $150 for two people for an hour and forty-five minute trip. It was quite pleasant with sunny but cool temperatures. We met a German couple going on holiday to Sweden who explained what we needed to do which was quite helpful and we enjoyed a lively conversation for our crossing.

After docking we headed by car to Copenhagen, a two hour trip north. Unfortunately this part of the Danish interstate systems had next to no places to stop for personal needs and we found ourselves cruising the back roads in search of a bathroom. It wasn’t too long until we reached a gas station and all needs were met.

With research done previous to the trip and our navigator system we easily found the parking lot that would be needed to stay at our chosen hotel. A machine in the building allowed English as a language showing a photo our car as we entered the building; we then submitted credit card information, were given a receipt of time entered, and then went off in search of our hotel.

A pleasant walk along the canal and around the city opera house led to what had previously been two warehouses for Hong Kong exports. Converted now to quaint lodgings, the hotel still honors its past with Asian cuisine in their restaurant.

Cozy $400 a night hotel room

In the heart of the old city, we were perfectly located. There are many restaurants and sites including the famous “Little Mermaid” statue situated in the harbor. The weather at this of the year tends to mild in the 60s but by the water it can be quite windy. I didn’t bring a hat so most of my photos include windblown hair.

Mike: That looks like FDR Me: (After checking the plaque) It is! Not sure why this statue is in Copenhagen.

When we left the capital city, it was time to do clean our dirty clothes. Copenhagen has several locations of a British owned chain called Laundromat Café. The price to do laundry was quite reasonable. While we waited we treated ourselves to breakfast. The cost for meals in Copenhagen was quite high. Breakfast was around $40 and dinner $100 at casual places.

One final lesson before leaving for Sweden was how to handle the parking on the street next to the Laundromat Café. I downloaded an app and gave it my address. The app started timing. When we left, I turned it off and was charged a fee. I chose to pay with Paypal and all was well. This took some research but since we often don’t have coins for the country in which we are staying I found this helpful.

 Laundry Cafe Brunch

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